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Southwestern Landfill Environmental Assessment

What is Being Proposed?

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Walker Environmental is proposing a modern, engineered landfill in the Township of Zorra, Oxford County, Ontario.

The video below provides a summary about how today's landfills are built, operated, closed, and turned into something new again. The video uses Walker's South Landfill in Niagara Falls as an example. The South Landfill is very similar to the landfill Walker is proposing in the Township of Zorra. 

If approved, the Southwestern Landfill would accept solid, non-hazardous waste generated in the Province of Ontario. The proposal is considering a site that would accept up to 850,000 tonnes of waste per year (plus daily cover), a total of approximately 17 million tonnes over a 20 year operating period. 

In addition to waste, daily cover would be accepted and used at the site. Daily cover is typically soil that is used to cover the waste each day. Daily cover prevents negative impacts like odours and bird nuisance, and provides safe management of impacted soil that is non-hazardous.

The landfill will be designed, operated, closed, and maintained in accordance with the requirements of Ontario Regulation 232/98 (Landfilling Sites) under the Environmental Protection Act 


Where is the proposed location?

The proposed location for the landfill is on the lands owned by Carmeuse Lime (Canada), 374681 37th Line (Oxford County Road 6) in the Township of Zorra. Walker Environmental is proposing to build the landfill on a part of the property that has already been mined for aggregate resources, which is a re-use of industrial land. 

Location map of proposed Southwestern Landfill


What would be included at the site?

In addition to the landfill area, there is other infrastructure needed to support operations and environmental protections, including (but not limited to):

  • Access roads
  • An area where material arriving at the site can be weighed and inspected (scalehouse)
  • A buffer area around the landfill, where waste will not be deposited
  • Landfill gas collection and management infrastructure
  • Leachate (water that has contacted waste) collection and management infrastructure
  • Environmental monitoring equipment and installations (e.g. groundwater monitoring wells)