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Southwestern Landfill Environmental Assessment

Indigenous Engagement & Consultation

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Walker Environmental recognizes and respects the unique history, cultures, values, and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples, as well as the importance of traditional and ecological knowledge in any new land use process. We also recognize and respect the inherent, treaty, legal, and Constitutional rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. We are committed to a collaborative approach to engagement and consultation as we assess the proposed Southwestern Landfill and conduct the Environmental Assessment that is consistent with reconciliation. 

We have engaged Indigenous Peoples throughout the Southwestern Landfill EA process, particularly at key milestones. This includes a wide range of topics, such as traditional and current land use in the area, environmental aspects (water, air, land, ecology), land use after the landfill has closed, economic opportunities, and more issues relevant to current and future generations of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples that call Ontario their home and ancestral lands. 

Indigenous Nations and/or communities may have their own consultation protocols, and we are open to working within those processes to promote strong dialogue with community members, youth, elders, leadership, and staff.