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Southwestern Landfill Environmental Assessment

Community Liaison Committee

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The spirit of consultation is rooted in two-way communication between the project proponent (in this case, Walker) and stakeholders. One way we support the exchange of ideas is through the Community Liaison Committee (CLC).

Documents related to the CLC are located on the CLC Documents page.


You may see CLC members at our public events, where they often have
their own table. These knowledgeable community members are interested
in talking to you about your questions and concerns.


Who is the CLC?

A CLC is a group of local stakeholders such as neighbours, interested members of the community, representatives from local organizations, and members of our project team. The CLC for the Southwestern Landfill Proposal was formed in May 2012 and continues to be an integral aspect of our consultation.


When does the CLC meet?

The CLC meets at key milestones in the project to discuss specific aspects of the Proposal. We have committed to meeting with the CLC at key milestones throughout the EA phase, but additional meetings can be added.

Walker Environmental has committed to 10 CLC meetings during the EA Phase at the following milestones, but many additional meetings have been held in response to requests for additional time and resources from CLC members. The 10 meeting committments are:

  • Notice of Commencement of the EA
  • Identification and Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Identification of the Preferred Alternative
  • Development and Review of the Final Technical Work Plans
  • Finalization of the Baseline Scenario (at least 2 meetings)
  • Review of the Preferred Design and Mitigation Plans
  • Prior to release of the Draft EA
  • Prior to release of the Final EA
  • Notice of Submission of the EA


How is the CLC managed?

The CLC operates under the Community Liaison Committee Charter. The Charter outlines the roles and responsibilities of the CLC and Committee facilitator, as well as the rules of engagement, such as respectful dialogue. It also establishes the role of the Independent EA Advisor, who was selected by the CLC. This Advisor is a third-party expert in the requirements of Ontario's Environmental Assessment Act. The EA Advisor is available at each meeting to discuss with the CLC the EA process and best practices.