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Southwestern Landfill Environmental Assessment

Traffic Control

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Picture of traffic control employee

Traffic safety is an important part of community safety.

We know that traffic is top-of-mind for many community members. If the Southwestern Landfill is approved, there will be a designated haul route that trucks using the landfill must follow, which is North on County Road 6 from the 401, and then left into the proposed landfill. 


Why is a designated haul route important?

A designated haul route is important because it keeps trucks on a direct path to the landfill, instead of driving on downtown streets or in subdivisions. It is also important because heavy trucks should be on roads designed for them, like highways and County roads.


We want to hear your input!

We haven't finalized traffic control plans for the Southwestern Landfill yet. We're looking forward to talking with you about them during the draft EA report consultation period!


Here are some things we do to control traffic at our landfill in Niagara Falls, Ontario:

  • A designated haul route for trucks arriving from the highway. A small number of trucks coming from local businesses may use alternate roads (i.e. picking up a dumpster from a restaurant)
  • Trucking companies are given an information sheet with our requirements. Some examples include:
    • Use the designated haul route
    • Follow the speed limit
    • Don't use engine brakes
    • Don't line up at the site entrance on public roads
  • Drivers are given a letter explaining the haul route requirements in their first language
  • Walker taffic enforcement personnel monitor key areas to enforce speed and use of designated haul route
  • Drivers/companies are provided with warnings if they fail to meet to traffic requirements
  • A community response line is available for local residents if they experience traffic-related issues