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Southwestern Landfill Environmental Assessment


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Economic Benefits of the Proposed Southwestern Landfill

Walker's proposed Southwestern Landfill, in the Township of Zorra, Oxford County would provide many economic benefits to the community and the Province, totaling $349 million in GDP over the life of the landfill. These benefits include the addition of full time jobs for the community, as well as potential savings for local businesses by providing a local disposal option. Watch the video below to learn about the economic benefits of the Southwestern Landfill.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Watch this video to learn how Walker’s proposed Southwestern landfill in Zorra, Oxford County would reduce greenhouse gas emission by 6 to 8 million tonnes which is the equivalent to taking 30,000 cars off the road, every year.

Traffic Safety and Air Quality

Traffic safety, noise mitigation and odour control are three important aspects considered when new landfills are designed.  Watch the video below to learn more about how Walker operates as a good community neighbour by designing their landfills in a way that minimizes any potential impacts.

Will my drinking water be safe?

At Walker, protecting local drinking water is not only our priority, we understand it’s key in preserving the community and environment for future generations. Watch this video to learn how the proposed Southwestern Landfill will be fully protective of both ground and surface water.

Reusing a Former Quarry for Landfill

There are many considerations involved when deciding where to develop a new landfill.  Watch this video to find out why we’re proposing to build the Southwestern Landfill in a former quarry that has already been mined for aggregate resources, which is a re-use of industrial land and doesn’t displace prime agriculture land.


Why Landfills are Safe

Canadians currently make more than 1.45 billion pounds of waste each week. Today's engineered landfills are designed to efficiently handle waste while minimizing the impact on the planet.


Walker Protective Landfill Liner System

Using multiple layers of protections is key to ensuring the surrounding environment and community is protected. Watch this video to learn about how layers the landfill liner, and the quarry setting will fully protect local groundwater.


Landfill Lifecycle - Planning, Construction, Operations, Closure, and Beyond

This video talks about present day landfills, using the Walker Environmental South Landfill in Niagara as the example. Learn about planning, construction, day-to-day operations, how landfills are closed, and how the land can be repurposed after closure.