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Southwestern Landfill Environmental Assessment

Draft EA Documents

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Volume I: Environmental Assessment Report (Draft)

Environmental Assessment Report (Draft) Executive Summary

Environmental Assessment Report (Draft) Report

Appendix A: Glossary of Environmental Assessment Terms

Appendix B: Fulfillment of the Terms of Reference Requirements

Appendix C: Alternative Methods Analyses

Appendix D: Evaluation of the Proposed Undertaking


Volume II: Terms of Reference

Appendix E: Approved Amended Terms of Reference (May 10, 2016)


Volume III: Supporting Studies Appendices

Appendix F-1: Agricultural Assessment

Appendix F-2: Air Quality Assessment (Part 1)

Appendix F-2: Air Quality Assessment (Part 2)

Appendix F-3: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment

Appendix F-4: Cultural Heritage Assessment

Appendix F-5: Archaeology Assessment

Appendix F-6: Visual/Landscape Assessment

Appendix F-7: Ecology Assessment

Appendix F-8: Economic/Financial Assessment

Appendix F-9: Traffic Assessment

Appendix F-10: Groundwater Assessment

     * Groundwater Report was updated as of April 21, 2020 to include missing figures from Appendix D.

Appendix F-11: Surface Water Assessment

Appendix F-12: Land Use Assessment

Appendix F-13: Noise/Vibration Assessment

Appendix F-14: Social Assessment

Appendix F-15: Human Health Risk Assessment & Supplementary Health Review

Appendix G: Work Plan: Cumulative Effects Assessment in the Southwestern Landfill EA (September 2017)

Appendix H: Enhanced Waste Diversion Assessment


Volume IV: Consultation Appendices

Appendix I-1: Community Exchange

Appendix I-2: Tour Materials

Appendix I-3: Media Articles

Appendix I-4: Notifications

Appendix I-5: Stakeholder List

Appendix I-6: Public Event and Presentation Materials

Appendix I-7: Public Stakeholder Correspondence

Appendix I-8: Community Liaison Committee Correspondence

Appendix I-9: Community Liaison Committee Materials (Part 1)

Appendix I-9: Community Liaison Committee Materials (Part 2)

Appendix I-10: Indigenous Communities Correspondence

Appendix I-11: Indigenous Communities Meeting Materials

Appendix I-12: Agency Correspondence

Appendix I-13: Agency Meeting Materials

Appendix I-14: Stakeholder Comment Disposition Tables