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Southwestern Landfill Environmental Assessment

Walker Environmental

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Walker Environmental Office in Ingersoll

For the past three decades, Walker Environmental has successfully and safely been operating waste facilities.

Walker Environmental, a subsidiary of Walker Industries, is one of Ontario's largest waste management and resource recovery companies. As we continue to invest in responsible growth nation wide, our focus is on three core businesse areas; Waste Disposal, Renewable Energy, and Organic Waste.


Waste Disposal

Our disposal business provides critical infrastructure for our communities.  As the province and country puts a greater emphasis on efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, there is still a need for safe and reliable disposal of residual waste. 

We operate two landfills, a waste transfer facility,  and two residential drop-off locations. We also have a trucking operation which hauls solid non-hazardous waste and recyclables as well as Walker Environmental products like finished compost product, mulch, and N-Rich (fertilizer made from biosolids).


Renewable Energy

Walker Environmental and Comcor Environmental Limited work together in a partnership called Integrated Gas Recovery Services (IGRS) as Canada's leading landfill gas utilization company.

IGRS harnesses the power of renewable energy. Our landfill gas utilization plants use the methane in landfill gas to produce both heat and electricity that is fed into the local grid and used by local industries. We turn an environmental liability into a renewable energy asset.

Renewable energy reduces our carbon footprint, lessens the load on our electrical grid and reduces our demand for fossil fuels. 


Organic Waste

Organic waste is any waste made up of organic material. All of our organic businesses reduce the amount of waste in landfills by recovering the resource to create a valuable product. At Walker Environmental, we process food scraps, leaves and brush, wood, biosolids from wastewater treatment plants, and food residuals like grease trap waste and used cooking oil. 

Walker Environmental operates nation-wide, with six biosolids management plants, four food residuals processing facilities, two composting facilities, three mobile grinders, and a mulch operation.