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Southwestern Landfill Environmental Assessment

Happening Now

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The Environmental Assessment (EA) is a long process and has many stages. On this page, you can find out what is happening with the Southwestern Landfill EA right now. 


What's Happening Now?

Technical Studies (Nov 2017 - Mar 2019)

Right now, we are carrying out the Technical Studies. Walker has hired 12 different independent consultants, who are experts in their fields, to collect background information, study the local environment, and determine if and how the landfill could impact the local area (negatively or positively). 

To learn more about the Technical Studies and the field work our consultants are doing, check out our "Studies and Field Work" page. 

In this stage, we also continue to be available to discuss the Southwestern Landfill EA. Meetings, discussions, and tours are being carried out to answer questions and provide updates on the ongoing Technical Studies. If you have questions, concerns, or input, please contact our office. We are happy to meet at a time and place that's convenient for you. You can also drop by our office at 160 Carnegie Street in Ingersoll, open 8 am - 4 pm, Monday to Friday. 



What Happens Next?

Preparation of the Draft EA Report (Mar - Spring 2019):
Walker will use the results of the various studies to prepare a Draft Environmental Assessment Report. It will summarize the positive and negative effects predicted for the landfill and outline how the landfill can be designed, operated, managed, and monitored in order to minimize its effects. It will also report on all of the consultation activities that have been carried out and how those were incorporated into the EA.

Review of the Draft EA (Spring - Fall 2019):
All interested parties will have access the Draft Environmental Assessment Report documents and will be able to provide comments, including First Nations, local community members and organizations, and Peer Reviewers from the Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee and from the Ontario government, as well as any other interested parties. Walker will review comments and incorporate input into the Final Environmental Assessment Report. 

Submission of the Final EA (Fall/Winter 2019):
Walker will submit the Final Environmental Assessment report to the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP). There will be a public comment period and then the MECP will make a final decision to approve or not approve the Southwestern Landfill EA. 



What Happens After the MECP Decision?

If the Southwestern Landfill EA is approved by the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, Walker must then apply for more specific approvals that include detailed requirements for the landfill facility and its operation.



For more information about the EA process, please click here.