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Southwestern Landfill Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment Process

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The Walker Environmental Southwestern Landfill proposal is undergoing a Provincial process called an Environmental Assessment (EA). An EA is a provincial planning and decision-making process that determines and considers the potential environmental effects before a project is allowed to begin. Once complete, the Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change will decide if the landfill will be approved.

Under the Environmental Assessment Act, EA process promotes good environmental planning by determining and managing the potential effects of a project prior to a project being developed.

The EA process ensures that interested members of the public, First Nations and local government agencies are consulted and their concerns are considered. The EA balances economic, social, cultural, and natural environmental needs for the benefit of the Province of Ontario.

The following image is adapted from the Ontario EA Code of Practice and outlines the EA process. 



For more information about the EA process you can visit the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change's website.