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Southwestern Landfill Environmental Assessment

Economic FAQ

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What are the economic benefits to Oxford County?

The Environmental Assessment Act requires us to assess all aspects of the Southwestern Landfill Proposal and document its benefits and impacts. We are working with the community and all stakeholders throughout the process to identify and quantify these impacts and benefits. 

We know from our experience in the Niagara Region that the community would experience direct and indirect economic benefits associated with a new business. If the landfill is approved, the economic benefits will include direct employment at the site related to construction and operations. Indirect benefits will come from local purchasing associated with the site. 

Walker Industries believes in supporting the communties where we operate. To this end, we have a Sustainable Procurement Policy.

More information on the benefits to Oxford County will be available as we work through the EA together and as the results of the different studies become available. This information will be discussed with stakeholders, including the local community and will be available on our website.

How will you address potential impacts to neighbouring property values?

Walker Environmental is aware of the potential for landfills to affect property values of nearby residences. We respect and recognize the importance of these investments to our residential neighbours. As part of the Environmental Assessment (EA), we are committed to detailed analysis of this potential impact through economic studies by experts. In addition, we will work with municipalities and nearby residents to develop the means to address any potential impacts. This aspect of the EA will also be carefully reviewed by the government review team. 

While we do not know at this point in the EA process what the specific measures may be to address any potential property value impacts, we can share the Property Value Protection program we have instituted for affected residents who live near our landfill facility in Niagara. In simple terms, this is how the Niagara program works:

  • When they are ready to sell, the value of a neighbouring resident's home is established based on its characteristics, assuming the landfill is not there.
  • The property is listed for sale.
  • If the home does not sell for the appraised value or higher, Walker has an option to purchase the property at the appraised value or to "top-up" any offer received.